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Climate Backlash: Contentious reactions to policy action (BACKLASH)


Principal Investigator

dr. James Patterson

Assistant Professor of Institutional Dynamics in Sustainability

Environmental Governance section | Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development

Faculty of Geosciences | Utrecht University, The Netherlands


PhD researchers

The BACKLASH project has now hired 3 PhD researchers who will begin working between September and November 2021. Please return to find out more information about these new recruits soon!


Masters researchers

5 MSc thesis researchers have been working under the BACKLASH project between February-July 2021:

  • Freya Endrullis (perceptions of justice in domestic climate policy: the case of the Yellow Vests Movement)
  • Evelien Heida (discourses of fossil fuel extraction and climate policy: the case of Alberta, Canada)
  • Pim Rietveld (policy discourse and climate disasters: the case of the Australian bushfires 2019-2020)
  • Sijtie Rensen (climate emergency declarations and climate policy imaginaries in the Netherlands)
  • Paul van Dijk (impacts of the 2018-2019 climate protests on national climate policy in the Netherlands)